Discover the most heavenly hotel in the Greek islands

A room with a minimalist and typical decoration.

Georg Roske

Food and drink

Greek cuisine is delicious in itself, but the chefs at Oku know how to sublimate it as it should. Under the direction of Mark Vaessen, the hotel restaurant offers a menu of fresh, colorful and flavorful dishes, such as Greek salads topped with creamy feta, fresh calamari and souvlaki (the sauce is so good that it should be bottled and sold separately). The particularly varied breakfast is included in the price of the room.

As for the bar, the cocktails on offer are also varied, sometimes classic, sometimes original, and often made from local alcohols. We also recommend the local wine. You will be pleasantly surprised.

The spa

Located a stone's throw from the rooms, the spa is a real oasis in this already very quiet hotel. Warm, the staff takes the time to discuss with each of its customers in order to meet their needs. The treatments offered include massages, but also CBD facials.

The terrace, with its private swimming pool.

Georg Roske

The service

The service is not stuffy, but friendly. You will always be greeted with a smile, while the staff have made it a point to remember your tastes. Do not hesitate to ask for advice on the island, the menu, Greek gastronomy… The hotel employees will be happy to answer you and share their knowledge with you.

The city

Once considered one of the quietest Greek islands, Kos is now abuzz. If the Oku hotel is located away from the hustle and bustle, it is not far from the old town and its lively streets. A tip: take advantage of your urban getaway to rent a boat to sail between the neighboring islands (Kalimnos, Pserimos and Kalolimnos) and admire the crystal clear waters and deserted beaches of the region. Guaranteed “wow” effect.


Banishing single-use plastic, the hotel emphasizes ecology in order to preserve the superb landscapes that surround it. Partnerships with local organizations have been forged in order to preserve the surrounding nature. Guests are also encouraged to get involved in the weekly beach cleanup – smoothies and fruit juices on offer.

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