Avian flu in Sept-Îles: going to the foot bath on the way back from Île aux Moines

This is one of the consequences of the emergence of cases of avian influenza on the colony of northern gannets on Rouzic Island, one of the Seven Islands of the archipelago of the same name, off Perros-Guirec. But "especially because of the presence of gulls which are also positive", adds Pascal Provost, curator of the reserve *?. Passengers from the Armor Navigation company who have chosen to stop over on Île aux Moines, the only one accessible on foot for tourists, must now go through a footbath. It is installed by the company when passengers re-board after 45 minutes on the island. This is to limit the risk of spreading the virus.

Recommendations from the prefecture

"It's a foam with disinfectant," explains Erwan Geffroy, head of Armor Navigation. "We are responding to the recommendations made to us by the prefecture". It is not an upheaval, believes the boss of the company: “We have an internal company protocol, inherited from covid, and which is now part of our daily life: protective gestures, cleaning of ships. We don't let the slightest bird droppings dry out”. On Île aux Moines, passengers are reminded of "the ban on collecting bird feathers, dead birds or leaving marked trails".

Erwan Geffroy, head of Armor Navigation in front of the Côte de Granit Rose. (Photo archives Jean-Jacques Berthou)

The death of gannets in number? "It bothers me," says Erwan Geffroy. But the person concerned puts it into perspective, confronted as he is to manage navigation conditions disturbed by the wind this weekend, and arguing from a lack of hindsight on the way in which the disease will impact the colony of Rouzic.

* Article updated on Friday August 5 at 6 p.m. to remind you that these footbaths are also linked to cases of gulls positive for avian flu. Gulls are present on Île aux Moines.


If you find a dead or sick bird, do not touch it or move it. Report it to the town hall or to theNational biodiversity observatory. For the Côtes-d'Armor: tel. 02 96 33 01 71 or sd22@ofb.gouv.fr?

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