Calvin Harris sold his mansions to acquire a giant farm in Ibiza

DJ Calvin Harris is one of the richest celebrities thanks to his talent in music. The British singer and producer also surprised his over 10 million followers on Instagram with good news.

Adam Richard Wiles, known as Calvin Harris, decided to buy a gigantic organic farm with 56 hectares of agricultural land. According to The Voice of Mother Earth, Calvin Harris is said to have had enough of the busy streets and has decided to move to one of the Balearic Islands in Spain.

The huge Calvin Harris farmhouse stands out for being one of the quietest places in Ibiza. The ground would be assessed to 166 million euros. The famous artist shared moments of tenderness on his social networks.

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Calvin Harris sold his mansions to acquire a giant farm in Ibiza

Vegetables and fruits are grown here. In outragedyou can find medicinal herbs and flowers for human consumption.

It must be said that Calvin Harris loves to graze the sheep and spend long hours next to the hens of the farm. We hope the singer can continue to share his experiences on his Instagram account.

“Calvin employs a team of experts including farmers and chefs. But that hasn't stopped him from getting involved and he regularly gets his hands dirty, helping with seed planting and all things farm management. He is passionate about what he and the team do,” explained a source close to the 38-year-old DJ.

In an interview with Kiss Breakfast, the Scottish artist said that two failed projects with two well-known artists prompted him to dedicate more time to activities in contact with nature.

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"When those two songs fell through, I thought maybe it was time for me to do some gardening and maybe these weren't the right songs to release at that time. -the ", did he declare.

“So I got into gardening, planted some carrots, some celery and finally got back to a place where I wanted to do something, especially after last year which was relentlessly positive,” confessed the artist.

Last week, alongside his agricultural activities, Calvin Harris got out a new single, Lonely With Riva Starr.

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