The weather in Spain by month

Discover the weather in Spain month by month

There are many assets that make Spain one of the best tourist destinations in the world. The very mild weather is one of the criteria often sought by holidaymakers. In fact, it is a Mediterranean country par excellence. What’s the weather like in Spain?

Discover the weather in Spain month by month

Discover the weather in Spain month by month

Spain: a Mediterranean climate par excellence

Let's first look at the major climate trends in Spain. The winter is rather mild in the areas close to the Mediterranean and the Atlantic - Gulf of Cadiz -. These are Barcelona, ​​Valencia, the Balearic Islands, Almería, Malaga, Cadiz and Jerez de la Frontera.

A mild winter and a hot summer

During this same period, the rains are not frequent. If you are looking for the Sun, then you will have to favor the Mediterranean coast. The latter is less subject to climatic disturbances coming from the west.

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Summer is hot on the Mediterranean coast of Spain. This is particularly the case in the Balearic Islands. The sun is also very present. The air, for its part, is rather humid. Luckily you won't be short of cooling breezes during the day.

The weather in Spain month by month

It is time to see what is happening with mercury, both in the atmosphere and at sea level. We just have to remember that these are average temperatures calculated according to data collected from the main tourist cities in Spain, such as Barcelona and Madrid.

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In January

During the month of January, average temperatures are between 7 and 14 degrees. However, depending on the year, the mercury can reach -2 degrees.

During the mildest winters, it could even show 22 degrees. For its part, in January, the water temperature is between 12.6 and 16.9 degrees.

In February

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Mercury shows a maximum value of 13 degrees in February. The minimum values, for their part, reach 9 degrees. So it's a rather cool weather. On the other hand, if you want to swim, be careful because the sea water is cold during this period: between 12.5 and 16.2 degrees.

In March

During the month of March, the mercury displays values ​​between 7 and 15 degrees. However, depending on the year, it can go down to -1 degrees and go up to 27 degrees. The water temperature, for its part, is between 12.4 and 16 degrees.

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In April

In April, sweetness gradually begins to take up residence in Spain. The mercury displays between 9 and 18 degrees. It should also be noted that there is a higher risk of precipitation during this period of water. On the sea side, the water temperature begins to become pleasant: between 13.5 and 17.3 degrees.

In May

In May, the number of sunny days can reach 22. Temperatures are between 12 and 21 degrees. Those of water are between 14.9 and 19.2 degrees.

In June

This is one of the ideal times to go to Spain. In this first month of summer, temperatures reach between 16 and 27 degrees. They are between 16.5 and 22.8 at sea level.

In July

An average of 28 sunny days awaits you in July, with temperatures between 19 and 30 degrees. The water temperature is between 17.3 and 25.3 degrees.

In August

The average number of sunny days is 27 in August. Temperatures are between 19 and 30 degrees (between 18.1 and 26.3 at water level).

In September

Going to Spain in September is just as interesting. Temperatures reach, in fact, between 21 and 28 degrees, or even 35 degrees sometimes. At water level, they are between 18.2 and 25.3 degrees.

In October

In October, the mercury is between 17 and 24 degrees. It can even go down to 8 degrees and reach 33 degrees depending on the year. The water temperature, for its part, is between 17.5 and 22.6 degrees.

In November

In November, the mercury displays between 8 and 18 degrees. It can go down to -5 and go up to 26 degrees depending on the year (between 15.7 and 19.5 degrees for sea water).

In December

Finally, in December, temperatures are between 9 and 14 degrees (sometimes between -3 and 22 degrees). Those of water are between 14.2 and 17.5 degrees.

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