List of Islands in the Mediterranean Sea – Definition and Explanations

here is a list of islands in the Mediterranean Sea.

Last name Country Area (km²) 1 Sicily Italy 25,460 2 Sardinia (Sardinia (in Italian: Sardegna and in the normalized Sardinian language: Sardigna) is...) Italy Italy 23,813 3 Cyprus (Cyprus (Greek Κύπρος; Turkish Kıbrıs) is a...) Cyprus Cyprus /
Turkish Republic of Cyprus north (North is a cardinal point, opposite to south.) /
UK UK 9,251 4 Corsica (Corsica (Corsica in Corsica) is an island in the Mediterranean Sea and a region...) France France 8,681 5 Crete (In geomorphology, a ridge is a line of high points of a relief separating two...) Greece Greece 8,261 6 Euboea (Evia (in ancient Greek Εὔϐοια / Eúboia, in...) Greece Greece 3,655 7 Majorca (Majorca (Mallorca in Castilian and Catalan) is the largest of the Balearic Islands. It is...) Spain Spain 3,640 8 Lesbos (Lesbos (in ancient Greek Λέσϐος / Lésbos, in modern Greek...) Greece Greece 1,641 9 Rhodes (Rhodes (in ancient Greek Ῥόδος / Rhódos, modern...) Greece Greece 1,410 10 Chios Greece Greece 822 11 Kefalonia (Kefalonia (from the Italian Cefalonia, in Greek:...) Greece Greece 775 12 Minorca (Menorca (Menorca officially and in Catalan; from the Latin Balearis Minor) is one of...) Spain Spain 692 13 Corfu (Corcyra or Corfou (from Italian: Corfù, in Greek:...) Greece Greece 592 14 Ibiza (Ibiza (official name in Catalan: "Eivissa") is a Spanish island...) Spain Spain 577 15 Djerba (Djerba, sometimes spelled Jerba (Arabic: جربة), is a...) Tunisia Tunisia 523 16 Lemnos (Lemnos or Límnos (in ancient Greek Λῆμνος, in modern Greek...) Greece Greece 476 17 Samos (Samos (in ancient Greek Σάμος) is a Greek island in the sea...) Greece Greece 476 18 Naxos (Naxos (in ancient and modern Greek Νάξος / Náxos) is an island...) Greece Greece 428 19 Zante Greece Greece 406 20 cres Croatia Croatia 406 21 Krk Croatia Croatia 405 22 Brac Croatia Croatia 395 23 Andros (Andros (in ancient Greek Ἄνδρος) is a Greek island of...) Greece Greece 380 24 Thasos Greece Greece 379 25 Lefkada (Lefkada (in Greek Λευκάδα, Lefkáda) is an island...) Greece Greece 303 26 Karpathos (Karpathos is a Greek island part of the Dodecanese archipelago in the sea...) Greece Greece 301 27 Hvar Croatia Croatia 300 28 cos Greece Greece 290 29 page Croatia Croatia 285 30 Imbros Turkey Turkey 279 31 Korcula Croatia Croatia 279 32 Kythera (Kythera (in ancient Greek ἡ Κυθηρία / hê...) Greece Greece 278 33 Icaria (Ikaría (in modern Greek: Ικαρία), in French...) Greece Greece 255 34 Malta Malta Malta 246 35 Island (An island is an area of ​​land surrounded by water, whether that water is that of a river, a...) of Elba Italy Italy 224 36 Skiros Greece Greece 209 37 paros (Paros (in ancient Greek and in modern Greek Πάρος) is an island of...) Greece Greece 196 38 Tinos (Tinos is an island in the northern Greek Cyclades in the southern Aegean....) Greece Greece 194 39 Samothrace Greece Greece 178 40 Milos (Milos or Mélos (in modern Greek Μήλος, in ancient Greek...) Greece Greece 151 41 Kea Greece Greece 131 42 Dugi Otok Croatia Croatia 124 43 Amorgos (Amorgos (Αμοργός) is a Greek island It is...) Greece Greece 121 44 Marmara Island Turkey Turkey 117 45 Kalymnos (Kalymnos is a mountainous Greek island in the Dodecanese archipelago in the sea...) Greece Greece 111 46 Chergui Tunisia Tunisia 110 47 Sant’Antioco Italy Italy 109 48 iOS (Ios (in Greek: Ίος / Íos) is an island of Greece in the Cyclades,...) Greece Greece 109 49 Mljet Croatia Croatia 100 50 Kythnos Greece Greece 99 51 astypalaia Greece Greece 97 52 Ithaca (Ithaka (in ancient Greek Φεάκη or Ιθάκη...) Greece Greece 96 53 Skopelos Greece Greece 95.5 54 Salamis Greece Greece 95 55 Rab (Rab (in Italian, Arbe) is an island in the Adriatic Sea located in Croatia. The island is...) Croatia Croatia 94 56 Screw Croatia Croatia 90 57 Mykonos Greece Greece 86 58 Syros Greece Greece 84 59 Aegina Greece Greece 83 60 Formentera (Formentera is the smallest island of the Spanish Balearic archipelago. It is...) Spain Spain 83 61 Pantelleria Italy Italy 83 62 Santorini (Santorini, in Greek Σαντορίνη / Santoríni,...) Greece Greece 76 63 Losinj Croatia Croatia 74 64 Serifos Greece Greece 73 65 Sifnos Greece Greece 73 66 Gharbi Tunisia Tunisia 69 67 Gozo Malta Malta 67 68 Kasos Greece Greece 66 69 Alonissos Greece Greece 64 70 Tilos Greece Greece 63 71 Pasman Croatia Croatia 60

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