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Several companies offer direct flights to Menorca from Paris. Possibility of accessing the island by ferry from Mallorca.

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When to go?

The Balearic Islands, a typical Mediterranean climate

Located off the Gulf of Valencia, Spain, the Balearic Islands enjoy one of the best Mediterranean climates, without the excesses of some other islands. Unlike the Greek islands of the Aegean Sea and Corsica, the Balearic Islands are not swept by strong winds in summer, which is more pleasant. Another advantage is that the excessive heat is less marked there than in Sicily, for example. So many small meteorological advantages that have earned these islands a well-established reputation for quality of life. The climate is typically Mediterranean, with mild but fairly rainy winters. Spring and autumn are the best seasons to visit the Balearic Islands, as the temperatures are already high enough to allow you to swim and sunbathe, but the heat is more bearable for visits and excursions. As for the sea temperature, it is always above 20°C from May to October, with peaks of 25°C in the middle of summer. In this context, the month of July is a favorable month for a last-minute trip to the Balearic Islands, although the high temperatures can curb the desire for excursions. On this subject, Menorca is slightly less hot than Majorca and Ibiza, because located in the north of the archipelago, facing the refreshing wind.

Next week: full sun and heat, July 18 to 24

Next week promises to be typically summery with the postcard image that we have of Menorca: sun and azure skies. It will still be particularly hot with temperatures that will remain stuck around 25°C at night and 35°C during the day. If in the water or by the pool such temperatures can appeal to you, they can become painful for excursions and walking. You might as well adopt the local way of life: live in the evening and at night, and sleep in the afternoon. The sea temperature, particularly warm for the month of July, will be around 25° to 26°C. The wind will be weak, hardly punctuated by breezes, which will be pleasant for you for motor navigation or tanning on your towel, but which will be weak for sailing enthusiasts (in this case, favor the islands of the sea Aegean in Greece). This atmosphere will be favorable to boat trips without fearing the waves and the freshness of the open sea.

Why go there?

Because UNESCO declared it a biosphere reserve in 1993; for its authenticity; his history ; the mildness of its climate; the clarity of its turquoise waters, white sand beaches and rocky coves; the variety of its landscapes; its cliffs dominating the sea, its nautical traditions; its gastronomy; its pretty little towns; its ideal sailing conditions; its many anchorages; the short distance that separates the villages and the beaches.


Unmissable getaway

No matter where you are staying on the island, the distances are relatively short, knowing that it takes an hour on average to cross Menorca from East to West. If you have a vehicle, the editorial staff recommends that you visit the small village of Benibeca Vell. Located on the south coast, this small village made up of small white houses with amazing architecture is reminiscent of the Cyclades.


To do

Stroll through the narrow streets of Ciutadella, the ancient capital of Menorca; stroll on the port of Mahon and admire the yachts and beautiful units lined up along the quays; taste local specialties, including Mahon cheese, lechone or suckling pig and menorcan squid; enter the small typical shops and discover local crafts; delve into the island's past by visiting the Naveta des Tudons, the island's best-known funerary monument or by visiting the Municipal Museum of Ciutadella - Bastió de sa Font; rent a boat and discover pretty coves only accessible by sea.

Port of Mahon

Or sleep ?

Can Faustino- Located in a sumptuous 16th century palace, the establishment, which is part of Relais & Châteaux, overlooks the port of Ciutadella. Ideal for discovering the city or simply recharging one's batteries in a luxurious little haven of peace.

Where to eat ?

Moli of Counts Asador - Located in the center of Ciutadella, the establishment serves refined local cuisine in a pretty vaulted room in the restaurant area, and tapas on the terrace and at the bar level.

Is Moli A family restaurant par excellence, Es Moli, which has a beautiful terrace in the town center of Es Mercadal, is ideal for tasting Menorcan culinary specialties.

Before leaving, remember to consult the forecasts on The Travel Weather Channel and METEO CONSULT Navy.

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