Théo Zidane: in love for the holidays, he appears in superb photos with his girlfriend Alba

Following the example of his older brothers Enzo and Luca, Théo Zidane showed himself in love in the arms of his darling in the midst of idyllic landscapes in the Balearic Islands.

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Third of four boys, Theo Zidane follows the example set by his older brothers by playing soccer at the highest level. Just past his twenties, he is already walking the path traced by his father Zinedine, who celebrated his 50th birthday. At 20, after a lifetime growing up in the capital of Spain, he already in a midfield position at Real Madrid Castilla, the reserve club of Real Madrid where his father was coach for four years. Not only does Théo and his brothers share a passion for football with their father, but the three of them also enjoy a love life that makes more than one dream of it.

Theo, the rather discreet brother

While his brother Enzo, young dad since maymade his first family getaways and that Luca, his other brother, appears on vacation around the world, Théo Zidane, who also plays in the national team as a French international, comes to compete with the popularity of his family. With his 215,000 subscribers, the penultimate son of the historic footballer is nevertheless one of the Zidanes who is the least talked about, in the same rank as his little brother Elyaz, only 16 years old. But this July 10, the footballer deviated from his habits and shared photos of a idyllic moment spent as a couple. And it was also in Spain, a territory he knows well, that he took a few days of well-deserved vacation.

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Holidays as a couple

If Luca Zidane appears, in his latest video, on a jet-ski in Ibiza, his younger brother has published a selection of photos in a destination less select, although just as magical: Menorca. Just like Majorca and Ibiza, Minorca is one of the Balearic islands but it is deemed calmer and wilder than its two big sisters. The ideal place to enjoy discreetly as a couple, as the young Théo seems to have done. Indeed, in one of his photos, he appears to be very complicit with his girlfriend Alba Lorini, with whom he had already appeared last December at Disneyland Paris. All smiles, both seem to have enjoyed their stay in the turquoise waters of the Balearic Islands. In particular, we see Théo directing a drone above the sea, photographing himself in front of the sunset or even diving. Nothing to complain about.

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