“Before breakfast, before the shower”: Chloé Mortaud in bed with her husband, this naughty shot shared by the ex-Miss

This Monday, July 11, Chloé Mortaud shared a series of photographs on her Instagram account, a bit naughty with her husband, Dean David Neiger.

It's the kind of simple little pleasures that make Chloé Mortaud happy. A few days ago, Miss France 2009 flew to the Balearic Islands, and more specifically to Formentera to romantic vacation. The opportunity for this mother of two children to enjoying her husband with whom she just celebrated her cotton wedding, away from children. "Post baby summer holiday... 3 months after baby ! We left Maeva and Matis with the grandparents for a little time together", she was enthusiastic during an Instagram publication. And to rejoice in advance: "Bug ! Sleep (really), eat without interruption. Take a nap in the middle of the day, stop at 6 p.m. for an aperitif with a t-shirt and flip-flops! It feels good !".

If she thinks she still has 7 kilos to lose, Chloé Mortaud "slowly start to assume [son] new body". And the least we can say is thatshe takes full advantage of this body that she retames. Because during these romantic holidays, Chloé Mortaud does not just sleep. She also passes having a good time with her husband, Dean David Neiger. So much so that she even posted a snippet of timeshare on her Instagram account. This Monday, July 11, Chloé Mortaud has indeed published a series of four photographs on her Instagram account. You can discover there two natural selfies by Chloé Mortaud jumping out of bed as well as a video of a few seconds during which we see a ray of sunshine illuminate his eye.

This moment "just for two" that Chloé Mortaud savors

Above all, Internet users can observe a blurry shot of Chloé Mortaud, all smiles, while her man still seems a bit sleepy against her dear and tender. "In the morning, before breakfast, before the shower. just two“, marvels the main interested party, as a legend. The young couple savor every moment of their life together. It was in December 2019 that the former Miss France formalized her relationship with Dean David Neiger. Between them the love was so obvious that they were quick to move up a gear. Thus, a little over a year ago, on June 20, 2021, they passed the ring on their finger duringa wonderful ceremony celebrated in the Yonne during which they were surrounded by many members of the Miss France family. And on March 24, the two lovebirds gave life to a little girl named Maeva. A little girl who came to complete this pretty blended family, since Chloé Mortaud was already the mother ofan adorable 9-year-old Matis.

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