Summer holidays: what do the new beach flags mean?

Please note that the bathing flags at the beach have changed their look. Tele-Leisure takes stock of the new signage that you will discover this year on the seaside.

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Green, orange, red... Say goodbye to these colors, because the flags on the beaches change their look. With the holidays just a few days away, it's time to take stock of all the changes that have been made for the summer. Despite the rise of the epidemic, the conditions for traveling have not changed, but depend on each country. The big change of the year remains the signage on the beaches.

Flags at the beach get a new look

The website summarizes the latest changes. On the beaches, you will no longer see triangular flags, but rectangular ones, with new colors. Green always indicates authorized, supervised swimming without apparent danger, while red indicates that swimming is prohibited. The orange flag is replaced by the yellow color and will warn of a limited or marked danger, despite the supervision of professionals. A two-tone flag (two horizontal bands yellow and red) delimits a supervised bathing area during the opening hours of the lifeguard station (formerly the purple banner).

Towards a standardization

New colors will appear, such as purple (indicating a pollution zone or the presence of dangerous aquatic species) or the black and white checkerboard indicating an aquatic and nautical practice zone. Swimming is allowed, but risky for the swimmer. A red triangular flag with a ban sign indicates the temporary bathing ban. All these changes have "a goal of standardization" with the international standard to allow foreign tourists to understand these signs. It is possible to find all the symbols and colors on the site

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