We were there: Mallorca Live Festival 2022

Put away the Breton flags and take out the fans! The festival we are talking about takes place in Spain, under the sun of the largest Balearic island: Mallorca.

It is a few hundred meters from the beaches of Calvià, between the hotel complexes and the remains of an old water park, that the Mallorca Live Festival 2022 filed its five stages and creators market on June 24, 25 and 26, 2022.

Six years after its first edition, the event has already grown considerably. 10,000 tickets were sold in 2016 compared to 72,000 this year, and the increase in the number of participants is not the only impressive progression: the poster has become widely internationalized and extremely popular artists have made their entrance, in very varied musical styles. Alongside pop juggernauts Christina Aguilera and Muse (a bit dusty, but still attracting crowds), we find legendary Detroit techno producer Jeff Mills, the Spanish phenomenon of the year past C. Tangana and one of the hottest Korean producers of the moment, Peggy Gou (before she was barred and replaced by Jamie XX).

By digging a little deeper, we discover a cutting-edge program where emerging local artists rub shoulders with international groups from very diverse backgrounds, sometimes unknown to the general public. “Sharing a stage between Christina Aguilera and confidential Spanish bands like La Paloma, of which it is one of the first festivals, it's great! It is a very good representation of Spanish culture, very eclectic. We love everything, we are completely… mamarrachos! (Crazy, editor's note)”, perfectly sums up Diego, singer of the Madrid group The Parrots.

Even if it means having spent a weekend under the sun between fine sandy beaches and good music, we wanted to tell you all about it, or at least tell you a few bits. So here are, in bulk, three things that have made Mallorca Live Festival 2022 a great success.

1. Mallorcan indie rock on stage

You could come to Majorca with an image of the Balearics built on the international influence of Ibiza, its techno-business culture and overpriced nightclubs. But the local musical culture is quite different. “The islands are not so connected to each other, explains a member of the Mallorcan group Alanaire, Ibiza has its own scene, which is more electronic. They are part of the history of techno. It has never happened like that in Mallorca… We are perhaps more like Catalonia than Ibiza!

On site, every evening, the oversized stages are opened by groups from the island. We then discover an indie rock-colored Majorca, ranging from the garage surf of Go Cactus to the dreamy folk of Alanaire, and we are surprised to come back for the opening the next day, so as not to miss the first concerts.

2. Spain steeped in tradition

Queralt Lahoz, Bronquio, Guitarricadelafuente… Among the Spaniards who have performed on the festival stages, we rediscover these artists who explore the traditional cultures of the country to create new, hybrid sounds. Of course, we will remember the exceptional show by C. Tangana with his thirty musicians on stage, gathered around tables laid out like a sobremesa Spanish. The performance is meticulous, cinematic and yet exudes authenticity.

We also fell in love with Baiuca, this producer from northwestern Spain who brings the magic of Galician folklore to life on the electro scene. With two pandereiteiras (traditional singers) and a percussionist armed with strange metal instruments, he travels from DJ sets to folk dances. Opposite, the public is transported into a mystical, contemplative, but above all dancing trance.

3. A polished electro scene

Finally, we can only salute the quality of the line-up that made up the fourth scene, the electro scene. If there hadn't been so many great things to see elsewhere, we would have spent the entire festival there without flinching. It's a stage on a human scale, in a little hidden corner, away from the large esplanade. Without a break from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m., DJs from all over the world pass the baton: Jamie XX, Cobblestone Jazz, Jeff Mills, Ben UFO, The Blessed Madonna, Max Cooper...

Special mention to Red Axes, one of the most exciting duos on the Tel Aviv electro scene in recent years, and their four-hour set. A hazy house, made of vibrating basses and strange voices, which makes it hard to stop dancing.

So what is it, the Majorca Live Festival ? Well, that's all: giant headliners alongside local bands, great electro programming and the beach not far away to end or start the day. And in the future, the festival no longer intends to grow. “Our goal now is to become better, explains the festival's musical programmer. The next step is to work on the experience. In the end, we would like the music to take a back seat, to also bring in other forms of art, theatre, celebrities... We want to create like a rabbit hole into which we enter to find something extraordinary, that the public comes out of there a little stunned, wondering what he has just experienced”.

We only ask to see!

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