Air Nostrum creates 50 new routes with Spain and Morocco this summer

The regional company Air Nostrum, a subsidiary of Iberia, is starting the summer season with fifty new airlines to Morocco and Spain, in particular the Canary and Balearic Islands, which are at the heart of tourist activity each summer. Ticket sales are already available online.

The Canary Islands: hub of tourist flows

The Canary Islands, a popular destination for holidaymakers, is concentrating tourist flows this summer. Air Nostrum also wished to multiply the links between the islands and the peninsula: four flights per week will connect Las Palmas and Vigo; three per week will depart from Las Palmas towards Valencia and Valladolid. The capital of the Canary Islands will also make the link with Tenerife.

From July 22, when the season is in full swing, the Canary Islands will have contact points in all four corners of Spain. From Arrecife you can travel to Vigo and Valladolid twice a week, as well as Malaga from Lanzarote. To Tenerife there will be two weekly flights from Santiago de Compostela and four from Alicante. Las Palmas will also be served by the Galician capital and by Alicante three times a week.

On the side of Castile and León, the city of Leon will join Gran Canaria and Malaga from July 25. Gran Canaria will link up with Palma de Mallorca and Melilla twice a week. Thus the Canary Islands are now accessible from the majority of Spanish municipalities.

New connections to Morocco

While some flights are not yet in operation, Malaga airport already links with three Moroccan cities: Nador, Tangier and Tetouan. In addition, from the end of July, it will be possible to reach Alicante and Majorca, departing from Nador airport.

Eleven new routes to the Balearic Islands

Air Nostrum is opening eleven new lines that will connect the peninsula to the three airports of the Balearic Islands, another favorite destination this summer. At the end of July Mallorca will have connections with Zaragoza, Pamplona, ​​Melilla and Badajoz. Ibiza will be connected to Málaga, Vigo, Valladolid and LLeida. As for Menorca, it will be possible to get there from Lleida, Pamplona and Vigo. Santander airport will also experience three new routes. Thus, from the Severiano Ballesteros, you can fly to Granada, Vigo and Jerez.

An initiative that should delight all vacationers who were planning to go and bask on the islands until the start of the next school year!

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