What are the destinations for eco-responsible travel?

With the start of the summer holidays, are you looking for a destination for a few days or a few weeks and do you want to travel in an eco-responsible way? Greenpeace has made a guide of it, bringing together 41 “eco-friendly” destinations. Because yes, “relaxing on the beach or taking a trip to a European capital while protecting the climate is possible,” says Greenpeace France in its guide.

Before discovering the possible destinations, eight golden rules must be respected according to the NGO, two of which are very explicit: “Avoid the plane” and “Avoid the plane… really”. Indeed, Greenpeace relied on the “Mon Impact Transport” site to compare the carbon cost of a journey between Paris and Milan. If the journey per passenger emits 2.8 kg of CO2 by TGV or Intercités, it's 147 kg for a plane trip, or 52.5 times more!

A trip to the Crozon peninsula

Greenpeace has classified the destinations into three categories, for travel between a few days and a week, two weeks and three weeks and more, in France, in Europe, but also as far as Morocco and Tunisia. Each destination is accompanied by a presentation text and a practical guide to get there.

Among the recommended short stays, a Breton destination with the Crozon peninsula and "its 400 km of marked mountain bike trails, and one of the most beautiful sections of the GR 34", according to the NGO. “Not forgetting the local terroir, based on seafood or pancakes. To get there, head towards Quimper, “accessible by direct train from Rennes (2 hrs), Nantes (2 hrs) and Paris (3 hrs 30 mins)”.

In the other destinations offered for stays between a few days and a week, in France, we find the Channel Islands, the volcanoes of Auvergne, the Ossau valley (south-west), the Vallée des Merveilles (south- east) and the Vosges. In Europe, you can opt for Barcelona and Bilbao in Spain, London, Vienna…

Stays in Morocco, Scotland…

If you have a little more time, for two weeks, Greenpeace offers sixteen destinations including three in Italy (Sardinia, Lombardy and the Ligurian coast/Elba Island), three in Spain (Balearic Islands, Andalusia and Asturias) , and trips to the Danish Islands or the Highlands in Scotland.

Finally, this guide includes 11 destinations for three weeks or more. Greenpeace offers a trip to Morocco, accessible by taking the train to Andalusia, then crossing by boat. Among the other destinations: Istanbul, Portugal, Norway…

The guide can be downloaded by providing your surname, first name and email address on the Greenpeace website.

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