“Capital” “Cheap holidays, new good deals” Sunday July 3 on M6

Sunday July 3 at 9:10 p.m., Julien Courbet will invite you to follow on M6 an unpublished news from the magazine “Capital” which will reveal good tips for inexpensive holidays.

Leclerc, Carrefour, Lidl, the new travel heavyweights

To go on vacation, more and more French people trust their supermarket. Mass distribution agencies now account for 20% of the travel market! With a tight network of the territory, these stores aspire to local customers who trust them to sell at low prices. The leader, Leclerc, but also Carrefour and Lidl, reproduce the recipes that make the success of supermarkets: promotions and barred prices. How do they go about getting discounts of up to -70%?

Capital went behind the scenes of these negotiations in Greece where Carrefour is preparing a low-cost offer for the summer, and in Majorca (Balearic Islands-Spain) where Leclerc has sent a hundred tourists for a week in the sun in a hotel which hosts at the same time the customers of its competitors Lidl and Carrefour. On the marketing side, if Carrefour and Leclerc have their agencies in stores, Lidl has decided to market only on the internet and is also counting on the distribution of twelve million leaflets per week to gain market share.

Leisure centres, holidays close to home

Entertaining holidays, thrills, a multitude of activities, mainly nautical near you, this is the promise of the leisure bases. The market is booming. And their attendance on the rise: +20% on average over the last five years. If, on the outskirts of the big cities, the regions were the first to develop leisure centers on the edge of bodies of water, today they have taken a hit of old, competed by private investors, who innovate and put a lot of money on the table.

In Vendée, O'Fun Park is spending 1.8 million euros to create an artificial lake and a WaterJump, slides that make you do loops in the air. Based in Savoie, Wam Park wants to conquer France by opening two leisure bases every three years and is prospecting to find lakes and ponds at good prices. But these outdoor champions are very dependent on the weather. How do they limit the risks? Their parks are only open six months of the year. So they compete in imagination to push us to stay longer on site… and therefore spend more! Their next challenge: to make their customers stay for several days. O'Fun Park is already preparing a hundred accommodations for its visitors.

Low cost airline: still a good deal?

Line openings are multiplying between France and New York. And now, it is possible to go there for 394 euros, round trip by low cost direct flight. The French Bee company manages to be 20% cheaper than Air France, even in the heart of summer. To succeed, she cuts prices but charges a maximum of services. Checked baggage at 40 euros; meals on board between 20 and 40 euros; and during the flight staff are encouraged to offer you other extras. French Bee is inspired by the European champions of low cost: Easyjet and Ryanair. These low-cost companies have invented yet another way to discreetly inflate our bills. If the basic price has dropped in recent years, cabin baggage is now also charged, between 8 and 55 euros. Last minute check-in is 55 euros at Ryanair.

Capital reveals how airport teams go about charging for as many options as possible at the last minute. By flying for less, are we taking risks for our safety? Pilots denounce a pace of work so sustained that it prevents them from properly controlling the planes at each stopover...

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