Strike on low cost flights and at airports: what impacts in Brittany this weekend

  • 1 Why an airport strike this weekend?

  • Strike calls, which are due to take effect this Saturday, are increasing in several airlines: Ryanair, EasyJet, Air France, Transavia, Brussels Airline, Volotea... And it's not just the pilots: all the professions of the are concerned. In airports, maintenance and security personnel also go on strike. With one thing in common: each time, employees demand an improvement in their working conditions.

    Because travelers are crowding into the terminals after the covid period. To go on vacation or return to see their families abroad. So much so that airports and companies are recording record demand. But at a level far above expectations and capacity. Because the number of vacancies in airports in France is estimated at 7,000. A lack of manpower which has its source during the covid period: during the pandemic, airports and companies announced job cuts: 3,000 for Ryanair, 4,500 for EasyJet, 7,500 for Air France and even 22 000 for Lufthansa. As a result, today, we are short of people and re-training pilots and cabin crew alike takes time. To welcome passengers, the staff in place is under pressure and the pace of work is only accelerating.

    From then on, at Ryanair, the flight crew union went on strike to denounce unrespected rest times and demand a salary increase for employees who are "paid at minimum wage". Same at EasyJet: the movement, which will result in walkouts, calls for higher wages, while "EasyJet's flight crew in Spain currently have a base salary of 950 euros" per month, denounces the Union Syndicale Ouvrier .

  • 2 What impacts of the strike on flights?

  • The consequences of the strikes will depend on their success with the aircrew. According to the management of Air France, the impact will be reduced on its routes (including Transavia) because the union which called for the strike in the company is in the minority. Unlike the movement at Ryanair, which promises to be more substantial, since the unions of five countries (Spain, France, Belgium, Portugal, Italy) are calling for mobilization.

    The low cost company EasyJet also expects "some disruptions" : it will only be able, for example, to provide 30 to 40% of scheduled flights departing from and arriving at Charleroi airport. In Belgium as in the United Kingdom, the first mess was visible this Friday. In France, the biggest disturbances are expected from Saturday in Marseille, Toulouse, Beauvais and Bordeaux.

  • 3 Which flights canceled at Breton airports?

  • Only in Rennes does the airport report “no cancellations announced by the airlines to date”. at theBrest Guipavas airportthere were, this Friday afternoon, two flights canceled on Saturday June 25: those of the Brest-Bastia-Brest rotation, provided by Volotea. “It is an indirect impact of a staff strike at Marseille airport which does not allow flights to be provided, we say at the airport. Other disturbances could be announced during the weekend, it will be necessary to get closer to the companies. »

    At Nantes airport too, several Volotea flights are announced as canceled during the weekend. “Saturday, it is the Nantes-Bastia-Nantes and Nantes-Montpellier-Nantes rotations, indicates the airport. And on Sunday, those of Nantes-Ajaccio-Nantes, Nantes-Lyon-Nantes and Nantes-Bastia-Nantes. “Sunday’s Nantes-Marseille, provided by Ryanair, is also displayed as canceled. "Passengers are notified of the status of their flight directly by the company, via an SMS", recalls the airport.

  • 4 Are other disruptions to be expected this summer?

  • Other strike days are planned for this summer but it is still too early to know if flights departing from Brittany will be affected. “No flight cancellations have been transmitted to us at this stage”, indicates Rennes airport.

    The bases of Orly, Nantes, Lyon and Montpellier should be mainly concerned. In Paris Charles-de-Gaulle, employees are called upon to stop work from July 1.

    EasyJet unions are planning a nine-day strike in July at the Spanish airports of Barcelona, ​​Malaga and Mallorca in the Balearic Islands. At Transavia, the National Union of Commercial Flight Crew intends to file a strike notice which should last “until the end of the summer”. ?Transavia has already preventively canceled 3% of its flights between July and August.

    In addition to the pilots, professionals in the sector estimate that there will be a 15% shortage of ground handling personnel and 20% in security to make French airports function properly this summer. For travelers, this means arriving early: queues may be longer than usual.

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