Sète: a book to devour on bluefin tuna

A reference work designed by the fishermen's cooperative of Sète Sa-Tho-An and the Menu Fretin editions.

While the 2022 bluefin tuna campaign is in full swing in the Mediterranean (especially around the Balearic Islands and Malta), the "Menu Fretin" editions are publishing, at the beginning of June, a book that sets the standard. It's nicely titled "Especially Tuna". Special feature of this book, and this is also why we are talking about it: it was co-produced by the publisher and the fishermen's cooperative Sa-Tho-An ("Sardines, tunas, anchovies"), the main professional organization in the Mediterranean , based in Sète.

"A Different Look"

Menu Fretin is a publishing house specializing in food, which it considers "as a constituent element of everyone's identity". His works "question the edible, shake up the plates, and give to digest the imperceptible. In the flow of words around food, agriculture and the environment, we claim a different, relevant and sometimes avant-garde look. ".

In 2021, Menu Fretin published the book "Embruns", focusing on fishing in France. "It was while reading it that I had the idea of ​​working on a specific book devoted to bluefin tuna", explains Bertrand Wendling, director of Sa-Tho-An. It is a beautiful fishing of information which was carried out since. "Especially Tunas" does indeed comprehensively cover the entire history of "Thunnus Thynnus", a warm-blooded fish. And this since Roman times, at the time of garum, then a popular condiment made from macerated bluefin tuna.


From the great migrations of the species, from the description of its anatomy to the different ways of cutting it and cooking it (several homemade or chef's recipes are offered), including the various fishing techniques (line, longline or purse seine), everything relating to the quotas that have allowed stocks to recover, sustainable fishing certification eco-labels (the Sa-Tho-An fishery is a pioneer in this field), etc., reading of "Especially les thons" constitutes an erudite, invigorating source, while being brilliantly illustrated.

To be devoured without moderation, whether you are fond of (as obviously in Japan, on which a chapter is devoted) or not the flesh of this emblematic fish of our seas and oceans.

"Especially les thons", editions Menu Fretin, on sale in bookstores, or to order on www.menufretin.fr, 24.50 euros.

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