VIDEO. Weather: a heat wave "extremely early" expected in France from Wednesday until the weekend

the essential This episode linked to a localized depression between the Azores and Madeira should arrive on the evening of Tuesday June 14 in the far south of the country, before spreading the next day to the entire southern half, until the weekend, according to Meteo France.

It's not yet a heat wave. But a particularly early heat wave is expected from Wednesday June 15 in France, with temperatures between 35 and 38°C in the southern half, in a context of drought which is already raising fears for the crops.

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This episode is linked to a localized depression between the Azores and Madeira which promotes warm air rising over Western Europe. It should arrive from Tuesday June 14 in the evening in the far south of the country, before extending to the entire southern half on Wednesday, until the weekend, according to Meteo Francewhich notes uncertainty regarding the northern half.

?A heat wave sets in from Wednesday through the weekend. It will begin by concerning the south of the country. Its extension further north is still uncertain. The peak intensity of this episode is expected between Thursday and Saturday

\ud83c\udf21\ufe0f Maximum temperature expected on Wednesday\u2b07\ufe0f

— Meteo-France (@meteofrance) June 12, 2022

This strong heat over several days, from mid-June, is "extremely early", indicated Frédéric Nathan, forecaster at Météo-France. Between Thursday June 16 and Saturday June 17, very high temperatures of 35°C to 38°C are expected on the southern half, and the mercury could even approach 40°C locally. Minimum temperatures should not drop below 20°C at night.

A heat wave "exceptional or even close to records", commented on Twitter the climatologist Christophe Cassou, insisting on the multiplication of this type of episodes due to global warming. "The facts are clear; the observations confirm our projections month after month. The intensity and precocity of this heat wave is a new example," he insisted.

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An episode not yet qualified as a heat wave

The forecasts do not allow for the moment to qualify the episode as a "heat wave", which meets precise criteria adapted to the geographical areas (period of intense and lasting heat, day and night, over an extended period of more than three days in general). However, it is possible that the heat wave threshold will be reached or even exceeded in certain departments, according to Météo-France.

A heatwave hits Spain

Since this weekend, high temperatures have affected southern Spain, as reported The Independent. With in particular 43 degrees reached in Andalusia. An alert maintained for this Monday and Tuesday in Spain, this rise in temperatures continuing in the North, the southeast and as far as the Balearic Islands.

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