Cahors. Summer 2022: inflation does not curb desires elsewhere

the essential At the dawn of the first post-health crisis summer, travel agencies are always full. However, the escape beyond our borders will not be accessible to all budgets this year...

Do you feel it, this little holiday air floating in the air with the more than summery weather at the end of May and the beginning of June? Yes, summer is fast approaching and, for the first time since 2019, the season that opens seems to be announced without Covid-19 or health passes, without masks or traffic restrictions and finally without PCR tests at all end of the field! Enough to give many Lotois desires elsewhere and not only in France, but well beyond the borders of France.

This is how the travel agency Jet Évasion Tourisme, located at 24 boulevard Léon-Gambetta in Cahors, has noticed a certain "rush" in its activity for several weeks. "People want to take off, we've been feeling it for several months. Since February / March, we've been overwhelmed […]almost all destinations are open", explains Stéphane Mondin, the manager of the agency.

An obstacle called inflation

However, the sky for extraterritorial travel is not all blue. Indeed, the surge in the price of raw materials and in particular kerosene, derived from the oil that makes planes fly, has a significant impact on the price of air travel. Coupled with the fact that companies need to make up for the heavy losses suffered during the Covid-19 crisis, this is literally causing ticket prices to explode, to all destinations.

"There is an unprecedented phenomenon playing out in 2022. Usually, the month of June inaugurates the period of summer holidays reserved at the last minute with often, as a result, attractive discounts. Now it is finished", notes Stéphane Mondin, the Caduran tour operator, who adds: "Usually, it was necessary to count a minimum of 750 € for a week in Europe. This year, it is at least 1,000 €, and often even much more. "

Another example, for a week in Greece, one of the key destinations of the summer: for a stay in a 4-star hotel, it was necessary to count on average 800 € last year. In 2022, the floor price is €1,300. The observation is clear, travel will not be within the reach of all budgets this year. But that doesn't stop some couples or families, eager to get some fresh air outside our borders.

Essentially Mediterranean holidays

Obviously, the people of Lot will turn to the Mediterranean basin for their summer holidays. Most destinations are easily accessible from Toulouse airport. The star of 2022? "The Balearic Islands. Majorca, Menorca... It's the big box of the summer", according to Stéphane Mondin, who explains that the Greek islands still retain a place of choice in the hearts of travelers from Quercy.

But lazing on the beach is not the only objective. The "city-trips" also work well, especially for Italian cities like Rome or Venice. “Cruises are also starting well, especially with the reduction in health instructions on April 1,” says the manager of the Jet Évasion Tourisme agency.

As for long-haul destinations: it is unsurprisingly Mauritius that holds the upper hand. The French West Indies have long been shunned because of the social unrest observed there. Finally, the last obstacle before flying off to more or less distant lands: identity papers. The town halls are overloaded with requests for the renewal of passports and identity cards. "This is the first question I ask each customer who asks me. Before suggesting any destination, I make sure that they are in good standing on that side. No need to make people dream for nothing..." concludes Stephane Mondin.

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