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The Balearic Islands are islands full of charm, with sometimes discreet beauty, whose common evolution should not make us forget their diversity. Let's move on to Cabrera, emptied of its inhabitants. Remain Majorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera.
In Majorca, quickly forget the excesses of the bays of Palma (a superb city!) and Alcúdia, to discover the creeks – perhaps the most beautiful in the Mediterranean. In the Serra de Tramuntana (listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site) highlighting the entire west coast with its Homeric cliffs, monasteries and old perched villages moor in eternal Mediterranean landscapes. Everywhere hiking trails offer breathtaking panoramas. The small town of Sóller bathes in a delicious
tide of orange trees.
To the north, Menorca is the most unspoiled of the three main islands. In the center: a plain beaten by the winds where the holidays are more natural than elsewhere. Ocher dirt roads lead to discreet coves lapped by turquoise waters and to impressive megalithic Bronze Age sites that you didn't even know existed.
On the other hand, Ibiza maintains its sulphurous reputation on the side of Eivissa and Sant Antoni. After a night in the club, the beach bars are more than ever the HQ to relax: we tan there in a flow of decibels between day beds, fusion dishes and explosive cocktails. But Eivissa is also an old town of World Heritage, surrounded by one of the most beautiful corsets of ramparts in Europe. And an island cut by creeks. In the center, in the north, a radical change: the fields of olive trees, carob trees, almond trees extend over a brick red earth, in the smell of hot pines and in the shade of traditional fincas, where calm reigns. absolute.
The youngest, Formentera, still lives in the nostalgia of the flower power, despite its popularity. However, it is better to go there before or after the high season to enjoy its fantastic beach (Ses Illetes) and its villages on a human scale.

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Good to know before going to the Balearic Islands:

How long is the flight from the Balearic Islands to France?

The flight time to go to the Balearic Islands from France will obviously depend on the destination (Majorca, Minorca, Ibiza…) and plane ticket that you have chosen. For example, allow about 2 hours by plane to get to Ibiza from Paris and 1h40 for Palma de Mallorca. As for Menorca, it usually takes a stopover.

What papers do I need to travel to the Balearic Islands?

To travel to the Balearic Islands, a few entry formalities must be respected. Members of the European Union and the Swiss must present a valid identity card or passport. Remember that the Balearics are part of theSpain.

As for Canadians, they must have a valid passport that is still valid for 6 months after their date of leaving the country. The visa is obligatory only after 3 months of stay.

Which Balearic island to choose?

The Balearic archipelago is made up of 5 main islands (Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza, Formentera and Cabrera) and a hundred islets. Some are ideal for hiking and working out, others for lazing on the beach or partying. It's up to you to make your choice according to what you are looking for during your holidays.
To help you, consult our file Balearic Islands: which island to choose?

In terms of health, what should you plan for traveling to the Balearic Islands?

Before going to the Balearic Islands, it is important to find out about the health recommendations. No vaccine is required. It is still preferable to be up to date with your “universal” vaccinations. We remind you, you are in Europe so remember to get the European health insurance card valid for 2 years.

What are the best seasons, periods to go to the Balearic Islands?

From the point of view of climate, summer is ideal for the heat, the sun and to enjoy the seaside. However, beware of the very expensive accommodation in high season. Spring and early fall allow for milder temperatures, but still with sunshine. We take the opportunity to visit more cities, cycle or hike.

Is there a time difference between France and the Balearic Islands?

There is no jet lag between the Balearic Islands and France. The transitions from summer time to winter time take place at the same time.

Where to sleep in the Balearic Islands?

Accommodation is not lacking for sleep in the Balearic Islandssimply find one vacation location that suits your needs. Campsites, rental of apartments or villas, youth hostels, boarding houses, hostels, rural hotels, hotels… it's up to you to determine your base and your budget in order to make your choice. Please note that some establishments may close for one or two months in winter. You should also remember to book well in advance.

What transport should I use to get around the Balearic Islands?

You can choose between different transport to move to the Balearic Islands. The car rental is a good solution to move on an island, but some renters do not accept the exit outside the island where the contract was established. For connections between the islands, the most pleasant and widespread option is undoubtedly the boatbut it is also possible to make some trips by plane.

What budget should I plan to travel to the Balearic Islands?

Side budget, the Balearic Islands used to be a rather cheap destination, but prices have gone up. For a small budget, it is recommended to leave outside the high season, especially August, and to opt for family hotels or the hostatgerias ancient monasteries. As for food, it does not require a substantial budget.

Are there any security issues in the Balearic Islands?

Side security, the Balearics are a safe destination. It is simply recommended to beware of pickpockets as in most tourist destinations.

What language(s) are spoken in the Balearic Islands?

Small practical information, in the Balearic Islands they speak Spanish. If the inhabitants speak Balearic Catalan among themselves, you can make yourself understood in English, French and German in tourist places.

What are the must-see places to discover in the Balearic Islands?

The Balearics are full of unmissable placesincluding the different islands, each one more remarkable than the other. The island of Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Cabrera are must-sees!

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