Travel to Spain and Covid-19: here are the entry formalities and the latest relief

Since April, the form to enter Spain has been abolished and wearing a mask is no longer compulsory. And at the end of May, the health pass is no longer requested from tourists arriving by road. It is maintained for passengers on planes or trains.

Temperatures are rising in Spain and the country is attracting French holidaymakers more than ever. Especially since, on the other side of the Pyrenees, the restrictions are easing at high speed. The epidemic wave of Covid-19 has been ebbing since mid-January, more than 92% of the population is vaccinated, and the government is sharpening a new strategy to switch to "light" monitoring.

In this spring, Spain nevertheless still considers France as a "country at risk", with specific control procedures for any traveler over the age of 12. He will have to submit to it to take advantage of the Balearics or rediscover Barcelona. However, Spain remains relatively easy to access for a French tourist.

On arrival in Spain: form, vaccine, tests... What formalities for French tourists?

Since April 7, French travelers crossing the Pyrenees no longer have to complete the form online before their departure, which assigned a QR Code. The health pass is still required. But again, the rules were relaxed at the end of May: travelers arriving by car no longer have to present their health pass.

On the other hand, passengers of planes, trains or boats, over the age of 12 must present, at their choice:

  • A proof of vaccinationproving that the complete vaccination schedule (two doses) was carried out more than 14 days ago,
  • A negative PCR test less than 72 hours or a antigen test less than 24 hours,
  • A certificate of reinstatement of Covid-19, valid from the 11th day after the first positive test for a total period of 180 days.

These documents can be presented in the form of the European health certificate, in digital or paper format. Passengers on air connections are exempt from these formalities, as are children under the age of twelve.

Hotels, curfew... What measures are in place on site?

Spain lifts almost all restrictions, with a view to summer holidays. At the national level, wearing a mask outdoors and indoors is no longer mandatory. Additional health measures can then be put in place by each Autonomous Community. The details of the measures in force in each region can be consulted on Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

It is nevertheless time for relief: very few restrictions on gauges or closing times for bars and restaurants remain. Spain has also abolished the quarantine obligation for mild cases of Covid-19 as part of a new strategy aimed at treating it as an endemic disease with epidemiological monitoring comparable to that of the flu.

The government has also put an end to systematic tests for all suspected cases or contact cases in order to limit them to people at risk (over 60, immunocompromised or pregnant women), caregivers and serious cases.

What are the formalities for the Balearics and the Canary Islands?

The situation of the Spanish islands may vary from that of the mainland. To get to the Balearics the conditions are currently almost similar to those on the mainland (document required for children over 12), in addition to a specific form which remains required to this day.

The entry requirements for Canary Islands are also similar to mainland Spain, except that travelers must download the government app RadarCovid. Travel restrictions and on-site health measures are detailed on the website of the Canary Islands tourist office Or on the website of the government of the autonomous community.

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Upon returning from Spain, what are the measures for the French?

For the unvaccinated people, a PCR or antigen test is required upon return from Spain to France. Since February 12, this test must be less than 72 hours (PCR) or 48 hours (antigenic). Attention, the tests are chargeable in Spain.

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