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Menorca (that)

Country Spain Spain
Archipelago Balearic Islands
Location Sea (The term sea covers several realities.) Mediterranean)
Contact information
Area 694.39km2
Climax Mount Toro (358m)
Geology mainland island
Spain Spain
Autonomous Community Balearic Islands
Province Balearic Islands
Demography (Demography (in Greek...)
Population 88,434 inhab. (2006)
Density 127.35 inhab./km2
Largest city Mahon
Other information
Discovery Prehistory
Time zone UTC+1

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Flag of Menorca.

Minorca (Menorca officially and in Catalan; Latin Balearis Minor) is one of the Balearic Islands (official name in Catalan: Illes Balears), an archipelago located in Mediterranean Sea (Mediterranean means between lands. The Mediterranean Sea is an intracontinental sea...). It is located at northeast (The northeast is the direction halfway between the cardinal points north and east. The northeast...) of Majorca (Majorca (Mallorca in Castilian and Catalan) is the largest of the Balearic Islands. It is...), and is close to the islet of Aire. It takes its name from being smaller than theisland (An island is an area of ​​land surrounded by water, whether that water is that of a river, a...) from Mallorca. She was called Nura by the Phoenicians in honor of their god Baal, meaning the "island of fire (Fire is the production of a flame by an exothermic chemical reaction of oxidation...)". Menorca has a population of 88,000 inhabitants. It is located between 39° 47' N and 40° 00' N, 3° 52' E and 4° 24' E. Its highest point, El Torois 358 m above sea ​​level (Sea level is the average height of the sea surface, relative to a level of...). The island has many megalithic stone monuments: shuttlestaulas, and talaiots.


The end of the Punic Wars saw an increase in piracy in the western Mediterranean. The Roman occupation of Hispania marked a growth in maritime trade between the Iberian and Italian peninsulas. Pirates took advantage of the strategic location of the Balearic Islands to plunder Roman traders, using Minorca and Majorca as bases. The Romans in reaction sent an army in order to put an end to such activities. By 121 BC both islands were entirely Roman, being later incorporated into the province of Hispania Citerior. In 13 BC, Caesar Augustus reorganized the provincial system and the Balearic Islands became part of the Imperial Province of Tarraconensis.

The letter on the conversion of the Jews by a bishop of the fifth century (A century is now a period of a hundred years. The word comes from the Latin saeculum, i, which...) called Severus recounts the conversion of the island's Jewish community in 418 AD. After the Moorish conquest of peninsular Spain, Menorca was annexed by the Caliphate of Córdoba in 903, who gave it the Arabized name of Manurqa. In 1231, after the reconquest by Christian forces of Majorca, Menorca became an independent Islamic state, albeit tributary to King James I of Aragon. The island was first ruled by Al Qurashi by Abû 'Uthmân Sa'îd Hakam (1234-1282), and after his dead (Death is the final state of a biological organism that ceases to live (even if...) by his son, Ibn Sa'id (1282 - 1287) of Abu'Umar. An Aragonese invasion, led by Alfonso III arrived on January 17, 1287, celebrated now as day (The day or the day is the interval which separates the sunrise from the sunset; it is the...) national in Menorca. Most of the island's Muslim inhabitants were enslaved and sold in the slave markets ofIbiza (Ibiza (official name in Catalan: "Eivissa") is a Spanish island...)Valencia and Barcelona (Barcelona (Barcelona in Catalan and Castilian) is a municipality in Catalonia - Spain, located...). Until 1344, the island was part of the Kingdom of Majorca, a vassal state of Aragon, then was annexed by the Kingdom of Aragon, and later to the unified Kingdom of Spain. During the XVIe century, Turkish naval attacks destroyed Mahon, and then the capital city (A capital (from the Latin caput, capitis, head) is a city where the powers sit,...) Ciutadella. Khayr ad-Din Barbarossa took? where he took 6,000 prisoners in 1536.

Captured by the British Navy in 1708 during the War of the Spanish Succession, Menorca became a British possession. This period saw the capital of the island move to Mahón, and a naval base was established in the port of this city. During the Seven Years' War, however, the impossibility for a squadron naval (Naval is a municipality in the province of Biliran on the island of Biliran in the Philippines.) to break the siege of Menorca undertaken by the French on May 20, 1756, resulted in a court-martial and the execution of British Admiral John Byng on March 14, 1757. This naval battle, the Battle of Menorca, represented the beginning of the Seven Years' War in the European theater. Despite this defeat, British resistance persisted at Mahón, but the garrison was forced to capitulate on honorable terms: possibility of joining the Britain (Great Britain is an island off the northwest coast of...)on June 29 of the same year (A year is a unit of time expressing the duration between two occurrences of a related event...). By the Treaty of Paris (Paris is a French city, capital of France and the capital of the region...) (1763), the island remains British, since Great Britain and its allies had an influence on this war. During the American Revolutionary WarAmerica (America is a separate continent, to the west, from Asia and...)the British were defeated a second time, by the combination (A combination can be:) French and Spanish forces, who captured the island on February 5, 1782. Menorca was recaptured by the British in 1798, during the French Revolutionary Wars, but was finally and permanently ceded to Spain by the Treaty of Amiens in 1802. One story says that the British were willing to give up the island because Nelson favored Malta, as he would have been closer to Emma Hamilton in Naples. British influence may still be seen (Sight is the sense that allows to observe and analyze the environment through reception and...) in L'architecture (Architecture can be defined as the art of constructing buildings.) local.

From 1830 and until 1845, a large part of the population of Menorca emigrated to Algeria, newly conquered by the French. They will be the actors of colonization around (Autour is the name that the avian nomenclature in the French language (update) gives...) ofAlger (Algiers, (Arabic: ??????? al-Jaz??ir, al-Dzayer; Berber: L?ayer), nicknamed Al...). They will specialize in Culture (The Culture is a pan-galactic civilization invented by Iain M. Banks through his...) primers.

This expedition could not be done without a support port halfway between Toulon (the military port) and Algiers. It was the roadstead of Maó (Minorca) which was chosen to be the strategic port between France and Algeria, becoming military hospital (A military hospital is a hospital run by an army and whose vocation...) and as a troop supply base.

The inhabitants of Menorca were spectators of the conquest of Algiers and will therefore subsequently be actors in colonization. An active trade thus developed between Menorca and the new colony which constantly maintains numerous vessels transporting passengers. They listen with interest to the news reported by the French soldiers participating in the conquest. Many people from Mahon embarked on these ships and took the opportunity to settle already on the outskirts of Algiers (Kouba, Hussein-Dey, Birkhadem) to grow fruits and vegetables (their specialty). In the gardens abandoned by the Moors, they found crops very similar to those they had left on their island, even processes such asirrigation (Irrigation is the operation of artificially bringing water to ...) by the norias they knew from everything (The whole understood as the whole of what exists is often interpreted as the world or...) time (Time is a concept developed by human beings to apprehend the...) for having learned them themselves from the ancestors of these Moors.

This exodus is explained by the economic depression experienced by the island since 1810 due to poor harvests. The island of Menorca is small and the earth (Earth is the third planet in the Solar System in order of distance...) is stony, thankless, arid and uncultivable because of the winds of the "tramuntana" and the drought due to the lack of rain (Rain generally refers to precipitation of water in the state...). To this is added a great mortality of livestock, particularly horned animals, deprived of pasture. The port activity of Mahò and Ciutadella is reduced, little industry therefore finally little work... In addition the families are also numerous...

Under the second (Second is the feminine of the adjective second, which comes immediately after the first or which...) Republic, Menorcan immigration to Algeria was strongly encouraged. Passport visas were issued on the condition of having a certificate of good character and being in good health (Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and is not...). Young women were particularly sought after by the French administration to settle in what were called the “North African possessions”. Indeed the lack of women in the new colony led to favor the passage of young women. The news from those who have already left for Algeria is encouraging: work is offered to those newly arrived and a better prospect of marriage is offered to women who decide to take the plunge.

The assiduity at work of these Mahonnais is recounted in an article in the Akbar of 1854: "As for the Mahonnais, unless you pass by there on a Sunday, do not look for him in the house, nor in the surroundings, nor even less in a cabaret, he is at field (A field corresponds to a notion of defined space:) with all his sons, working under the Sun (The Sun (Sol in Latin, Helios or Ήλιος in Greek) is the star...) ardent with that assiduity and perseverance without which there is no true cultivator. »

During the Spanish Civil War, Menorca remained loyal to the Spanish Republican government, while the rest of the Balearic Islands supported the Nationalists. She didn't see a fight, except the aerial bombardment (Aerial bombardment is an operation consisting of shelling, from the air, a...) by the Italians of the Corpo Truppe Voluntarie. Many Menorcans were also killed taking part in the failed invasion of Majorca. After the Nationalist victory in 1939, the British Navy assisted in the evacuation of some political refugees.

In October 1993 Menorca was indicated by UNESCO as a reserve of biosphere (The notion of biosphere designates both a space and a self-sustaining process (until...).

In July 2005, the island's enrollment to be the twenty-fifth member of the International Association of Island Games was approved.

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