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Trip to the Balearic Islands: between relaxation and celebration

Need to recharge your batteries? That's good: in the Balearic Islands, we take the time to rest. It must be said that with its turquoise sea and golden sand, the archipelago offers all the qualities to relax under the Mediterranean sun.

But it would be a shame to reduce this destination to its beaches. A trip to the Balearic Islands, it is also an opportunity to discover the testimonies of its rich past. ofIbiza until Majorca Passing by Minorcayou will discover an archipelago located at the crossroads of various civilizations.

Stay in the Balearic Islands: in the heart of nature

Want serenity? Fly to Mallorca, the largest and most unspoilt of the Balearic Islands. Its wild and authentic nature will delight hikers. Many paths, in particular towards the seaside resort of Magalluf, will allow you to discover its limestone cliffs and its wild creeks. This nature walk will undoubtedly take you to Palma Nova, a paradise for all aficionados water sports. Diving, water skiing or sailing, the activities will be varied during your trip to the Balearic Islands.

But perhaps you would prefer to discover Ibiza during your stay in the Balearic Islands. Far from the decibels of its discotheques, the island will be able to reveal superb landscapes to you. To convince yourself of this, go to its hinterland. Surrounded by scrubland and pine forests, the remote villages will reveal their picturesque charm to you. As for the superb beaches of Salines and Es Cavallet, they lend themselves wonderfully to idleness.

Our stays in the Balearic Islands

Hotel Pinero Bahia de Palma 3*

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Hotel BQ Alcudia Sun Village 3*

from 160 per person

Hotel Aluasoul Mallorca 4* - Adults only

from 166 per person

Hotel Iberostar Pinos Park 4*

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Hotel Globales America 4*

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Trips to the Balearic Islands: cultural discoveries!

Your stay in the Balearic Islands will be an opportunity to immerse yourself in the heart of history. Indeed, the archipelago is home to rich testimonies of its turbulent past. To observe them, all you have to do is go to Alcudia, in the north of Majorca. Behind its Moorish ramparts, the oldest city in the Balearic Islands will reveal its Phoenician past to you. During your trip to the Balearic Islandsalso discover Pollentia and its ancient theater dating from the Ier century BC. J.-C. As for the magnificent cathedral of Majorca, it is undoubtedly the most beautiful Gothic jewel of the archipelago.

And why not extend the trip to Formentera during your trip to the Balearic Islands ? During an excursion, you will discover its prehistoric burials, but also the five impressive towers which once watched for the arrival of pirates. Between their Carthaginian, Moorish and Roman past, the Balearic Islands will tell you more than 4,000 years of open-air history.

Cheap trip to the Balearic Islands: Mediterranean flavors

It is well known, the Mediterranean knows how to be generous in terms of gastronomy. And the Balearics are no exception to this rule. During your cheap trip to the Balearic Islandstaste the butifarro or at the carn i xua, two types of charcuterie very popular with locals. Not to mention the succulents tapas which, by their variety, will seduce all palates.

Your stay in the Balearic Islands with Voyages Leclerc will also be an opportunity to taste theoliaigua, a soup made with garlic, tomatoes and peppers. All the sun and the scents of the Mediterranean will be on your plate.

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