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Circuit in Spain

Whether you choose a 7 day Spain tour or one 15 day Spain tour, you will experience moments of exploration to discover a welcoming population, grandiose landscapes and an important historical heritage, very present in each city crossed. The climate in Spain is generally of the Mediterranean type.

Exploring Spain from Madrid to Andalucia

Start your tour in spain via Madrid, the Spanish capital. A multitude of museums await you there. The Prado Museum, for example, houses the largest collection of Spanish paintings, as well as 9,000 works of art. The Casa de Campo park is also worth a visit. It is also a very charming place for a picnic. Continue the walk through the city to Plaza Mayor, a historic site not to be missed. Then the tour continues to Seville. Historical discovery and wonder come together when it comes to visiting the Royal Alcazar and its gardens.

Seville Cathedral and its museum will undoubtedly amaze you. Once night falls, a typical Andalusian evening is announced in places like Casa Mémoria, where entertainment and flamenco await you. In Cordoba in Andalusia, Islamic art is very present in the architecture of the city with, among others, the famous cathedral mosque where two cultures intermingle. Walking through the city through the alleys of the Juderia is also a moment not to be missed. To continue the tour to Granada, the guided tour of the Alhambra will be followed by a visit to a place where Andalusian olive oil is made in Baena.

Discover the northern and eastern part of Spain

To the northeast, in Barcelona, ​​from Catalunya Square to the statue of Christopher Columbus, you will have the opportunity to meet the local population since many restaurants, shops, and artists line this street. The Creueta del Coll park and the Guell park are places of attraction not to be missed. They are located close to each other. For lovers of religious buildings, the famous cathedral of the Sagrada Familia is worth a detour for its originality.

The Barcelona Aquarium, on the other hand, is a fascinating place for the 11,000 animals representing 450 underwater species that it houses and its famous 80-meter-long underwater tunnel. This tour in spain May continues in Valencia, eastern Spain. The City of Science and Arts is a fabulous place there with its futuristic-style buildings. In addition to the Assut de l'or bridge, the city offers its visitors the Principe Felipe Science Museum, the Oceanography aquarium, and the Reina Sofia Palace of the Arts. Exploring the cobbled streets of the Barrio del Carmen which are lined with palaces and towers is also recommended.

Visiting the Balearic Islands is the exotic facet of tour in spain. Majorca is a pleasant place to visit with its cobbled streets, baroque palaces and medieval-style churches. The northwest coast of Majorca is made up of mountain ranges, olive trees, pines, an ideal place for hiking. Ibiza or the island with a rocky landscape is home to beautiful beaches and is famous for its nightlife. As in Formentera and Mao, picturesque beaches and green hills are also found in Menorca. And for always more good plans, choose a last minute trip to Spain.

When to go to Spain?

Due to the Mediterranean climate, the weather is mild almost all year round in Spain. Go to Spain in June, July, August and September to enjoy pleasant temperatures. To visit Madrid, leave during the same period but also in April and October.

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