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To speak of Salamanca is to speak of culture. Strolling through the streets of its historic center, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is to travel through centuries of history, art and knowledge. It is also to be seduced by its beautiful and famous university, one of the oldest in Europe, which still welcomes thousands of students today.

In the late afternoon, the light illuminates its monuments with a golden color due to the stone used for their construction. The nightlife of Salamanca then takes over, in a lively and young atmosphere.

The secrets of the monuments

By visiting the monuments of Salamanca, you will enter a world of legends and stories. Let's start first with his famous Plaza Mayor, meeting point of the city par excellence. Having a coffee in the mythical Novelty bar, contemplating its 88 arches or sitting quietly on one of its terraces is really worth the detour.You can then continue by visiting both cathedrals (yes, two!). On the Ramos door of the new cathedral, try to discover the astronaut carved in stone. Then climb the steps of its towers thanks to the visit “ Ieronimus » and enjoy an incomparable view.More secrets? The facade of theuniversity de Salamanca features a stone frog that was said to bring good luck to students. According to legend, the Casa de las Conchas conceals a treasure, Huerto de Calixto y Melibea is actually a garden linked to a literary story, and in the salamanca caveit is said that the devil taught witchcraft… The city has many stories and as many places to discover, like the Casa Lisfrom Sky of Salamancathe Clerecía, the Roman bridge, etc.

Gastronomy and nightlife, the other two highlights of Salamanca

In this city, good food is no secret, that's for sure. Discover some of its typical products, such as delicatessenthe Guijuelo hamor the famous hornazo, a kind of delicacy stuffed with eggs and pork, chorizo, etc. You can also buy them to take away... although tasting them on the spot is a real pleasure.Side shoppingin the pedestrian streets Calle Toro and Calle Zamorayou will find many shops and in the Plaza del Liceo you can even do your shopping in the refurbished church of the former convent of San Antonio el Real.And when it comes to outings, the students liven up the streets of Salamanca day and night. You can see this by going to eat tapas in the Calle Van Dyck and discover its alternative culture, as well as in the neighborhood Barrio del Oestewith its garages and walls covered withurban art. In the evening, it's time to see the illuminated monuments, attend a concert or have a drink in one of the city's bars.

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