Hotel Globales Simar 3* Majorca Balearic Islands Spain – Promovacances

Good news: Given your French nationality, you and your family can travel freely in Spain and on the Spanish islands (Canaries and Balearic Islands), without having to justify a Covid vaccination certificate.

Only those who have not been vaccinated will have to present a PCR test less than 72 hours old or a negative antigen test less than 48 hours old when they return to France, from the age of 12.

This hotel implements reinforced measures in terms of hygiene and protection to guarantee you a high level of security while allowing you to have a great holiday.

Personal hygiene
- Maintain a social distance of 2m, always avoid physical contact.
- The use of signage and posters to encourage the application of hygiene measures will be encouraged.
- Ventilation of all rooms.
- Hand hygiene is the main preventive measure. Consistent and adequate hand washing should be enforced. Handwashing with soap is the easiest and most effective way to prevent illness.
- Do not touch your mouth, nose and eyes.

- Maintain a safe distance between staff and customers.
- The counter will have a protective screen, which will be cleaned daily.
- A line delimiting the waiting area will be drawn, indicating a distance of 2m between each client.
- Disinfection of keys and cards before giving them to the customer, as well as when they are returned by the customer.
- Protocols are in place regarding the cleaning of the reception and the elements present in the common areas. The frequency of cleaning is intensified during large crowds.
- In the case of a luggage room, the entry of customers is restricted, access being reserved for staff. A baggage and luggage cleaning protocol is in place.
- Rooms are left unavailable, in order to guarantee social distancing, and the use of the elevator will be limited.
- Check-in can be done at the reception and in other areas of the hotel, in order to encourage safety distances.
- Customers will be informed at reception of barrier prevention actions and those to be carried out in the event of symptoms.
- A welcome box will be delivered to the customer, including gloves and gel, and will be given either at check-in or in the room.

Room cleaning
The purpose of the procedures put in place is to ensure the safety of the client during his stay.
- Daily cleaning will be carried out according to the Globales protocol, and areas at risk will be cleaned and disinfected specifically and more frequently.
- The cleaning staff will wash their hands after each service.
- Cleaning will be carried out in spaces without customers.
- All the material used will be disinfected daily.
- Cleaned spaces will be ventilated frequently.
- Staff will wear personal protective equipment.
- Blankets and pillows in closets will be protected.
- The rooms will have disposable cups and hydro alcoholic gel.

Common areas
- The most used objects will be cleaned more frequently, such as chairs, elevator buttons, stair railings.
- Common sanitary facilities will be cleaned more frequently.
- In the meeting spaces will be installed informative posters on the maximum authorized capacity, on the rules of use, and disinfectant gel will be made available.
- Tables and chairs will be placed 2m apart.

Restaurants and bars
- The distance between the tables is 2m.
- The tables will be set when the customer arrives and the dishes will be wrapped in protective paper.
- Table and restaurant decorations will be removed.
- The bread will be served sliced ​​beforehand, in order to avoid the customer having to cut it.
- Kitchen utensils will be replaced frequently and cleaned.
- In case of self-service, the social distance to be respected between customers will be indicated on the ground.
- The tables will be cleaned with an approved product.
- A sense of traffic will be put in place and the use of alcoholic water gel will be mandatory.
- A safety distance will be maintained between customers and staff, and informative posters will be put up.
- The opening hours of restaurants will be extended.
- A distance must be respected between the customer and the food.
- Tablecloths and napkins will be changed between each customer and cleaned at over 60°C.
- Information panels will be installed near vending machines or coffee machines, to remind customers to wash their hands before and after using the machines. Hydroalcoholic gel, towels and trash cans will be placed nearby.
- Service personnel will wear personal protective equipment.
- In the show-cooking areas, protective screens will be installed between the customer and the staff.
- Hygiene measures will be reinforced.
- Food temperature indicators will be installed for customers.
- The water will be disinfected according to international standards.

- A distance must be kept between tables and chairs, indoors and outdoors.
- Frequent cleaning and disinfection will be carried out on door handles, machines, screens.
- The coasters will be single use.
- Staff will wear gloves and masks.

- A distance between the customer and the staff will be respected.
- In the case of children's clubs, a cleaning and disinfection protocol will be put in place for objects, games and equipment.
- Occupancy regulation will be put in place for indoor and outdoor spaces.
- The equipment used by customers and staff will be covered with plastic film.
- Access to the mini club will be conditional on answering the health questionnaire on possible symptoms.
- Activities will be adapted to guarantee safety distances.
- Customers will be kept informed of prevention and hygiene measures.
- Equipment may be moved to guarantee safety distances.

Pool and sports
- A distance between people of 1.5m will be indicated in the queues.
- In the case of a sports hall, a distance of 2m between the machines will be respected. Customers will have at their disposal hydro alcoholic gel, paper and pedal bins.
- The machines will be cleaned and disinfected according to the protocol.
- Showers and changing rooms will be cleaned in a specific way.
- Door handles, chairs, lockers will be cleaned and disinfected.
- The maximum capacities of the rooms will be defined.
- Access to the sports areas will be possible by reservation.
- New rules for access to sports areas will be put in place.
- A distance will be set up between the sun loungers.
- Sunbeds will be disinfected daily.

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