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Balearic Islands Guide

The Balearic Islands, a beguiling island local area...

Live enjoyably under the steady intensity of the Mediterranean sun. Mallorca is the biggest of them. It likewise flaunts a wonderful shoreline and woodland scene, with the design of its bay formed seaside help opening onto clear water of turquoise and sky blue tints.

The Balearic Islands are additionally loaded with structural wonders acquired from the Catholic practice: church buildings contend in magnificence; religious communities and seclusions spellbind with their natural appeal: the archipelago is obviously wealthy in engineering variety.

Recreation and unwinding are the watchwords of these urban communities, while the towns outlined by a stunning scene intrigue a large number




How to make your trip to Ibiza a success?

Ibiza is a marvel that is not only to be visited for its DJs!

The natural landscapes are much more preserved than you might think, especially in the north of the island. The rocky, white and even red sand beaches are all more beautiful than the others. You can immerse yourself in the relaxing atmosphere that has prevailed here for thousands of years. The White Island has always been a land of welcome and diversity.

Many populations have made its history: the Phoenicians, then the Arabs have left their beautiful architecture here. The hippies made it their Nirvana in the 70s, and the baba-cool atmosphere is still very present. Yoga lovers, nature lovers (and naturists) are all welcome here.

Whether you're looking to party or relax on the beaches, sportsmen or hikers, your stay is bound to be unique!

Ibiza is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout. 




How to make your trip to Mallorca a success?

The largest island of the Balearic Islands welcomes you for a relaxing holiday. Beaches, sun, flowery villages... Majorca has everything to seduce you! If in high season, the tourist influx is strong, there are still remote villages and havens of peace.

In May, the island of mallorca is decked out with flowering trees and ripening oranges for your pleasure! In addition to the beautiful beaches, there are many things to do and discover. Hiking, diving, cycling for the sporty ones, visiting Palma and stopping in quiet hamlets for the others.

And if you think you've seen it all, just wait! Majorca is a mountainous island, where winding paths lead to secluded monasteries. The panoramic sea views from the top of Puig Major and the cliffs of Cap Formentor are breathtaking. And at dinner time, get ready to enjoy the best paellas of your life! Everything you need for a perfect stay!





How to make your trip to Menorca a success?

Menorca is a real gem to discover. Still well preserved from tourism, it boasts a splendid nature that invites you to discover. Here, there is no frenzy of activities and entertainment, you simply take the time to enjoy life. The variety of its beaches, quiet in the south and untamed in the north, will often be enough to satisfy visitors. Rich in a thousand-year-old culture, the island also hides numerous archaeological remains.

The island of menorca occupies a central position in the Mediterranean and is therefore strategic, which explains its rich archaeological and architectural heritage: firstly, the Talayotic culture from 1400 B.C. onwards, with unique types of construction such as the Naveta des Tudons, the Talayots of Torre d'en Galmès, the enclosures of Taula de Trepuco; then the Phoenicians, the Romans, the Moors, the Spanish and the English occupied the island. The cities of Mahon and Ciutadella, with their grandiose architecture and special atmosphere, are worth a visit.

Menorca is a destination for nature lovers, sea lovers and lovers in general !!





How to make your excursion to Formentera a triumph?

Formentera is the littlest occupied island in the Balearic archipelago, close to Ibiza. With its untainted nature, wonderful sea shores and bohemian soul, the island is a genuine greeting for a serene and bright escape.

Available simply by boat, Formentera has figured out how to save a charming setting a long way from the buzzing about of different islands of the archipelago, and a long way from mass the travel industry. Regardless of its little size, the island has an extremely broad shoreline with confined inlets and niches. You will promptly be enticed by its straightforward turquoise waters and its extraordinary environment.

By walking or by bicycle, discover the island and cross pine timberlands, brooks, fields, salt bogs, beacons...

All that here welcomes you to unwind and loosen up!






Things To Do in the Balearic Islands: IBIZA MAJORCA MENORCA, Spain